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pay per click MANAGEMENT

paid search marketing

​​64.6% of people click on Google Ads when they are looking for a service or product online.

50% of people arriving at a retailer’s site from paid ads are more likely to buy than those who came from an organic link.

PPC (‘Pay Per Click’), also known as paid search marketing, is a form of online advertising where you only pay for each time a user clicks on an advert that takes you through to your site.

Whether you have active PPC campaigns or are completely new to the world of paid search, our team of Google certified PPC specialists are committed to achieving your goals. Our ROI focused approach enables us to create a tailor-made strategy which is perfect for your business, and we can also manage your campaigns.

PPC can work for a company of any size. It doesn’t matter whether you are a start-up or a multi-million pound company, PPC levels the playing field. A well-structured and optimized PPC campaign will outperform just a large wallet. At TEXORT, our experts are trained to meet and exceed your goals. Whether it be ROI focused, lowering your cost per acquisition, or simply increasing your market share, it’s simply what we do.

While Search Engine Optimization is a great approach for long-term growth, sometimes you really need an immediate boost. TEXORT Internet Marketing offers Pay Per Click campaign management, ensuring that the money you spend is put to the very best possible use.


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Strategic And Relevant Copy

A Successful Paid Search (PPC) Campaign Starts With Relevant Keyword Targets. Through Extensive Keyword Research, We’re Able To Determine The Most Relevant Keywords At The Most Efficient Price For Your Marketing Budget. Using Those Keywords, We Can Start Driving Pre-Qualified Traffic To Your Preferred Local Landing Page.

keyword research

keyword research 

Our team of Paid Search experts begins every engagement by establishing an expansive list of keywords most relevant to your brand and business locations. This list is continually refined and expanded to find the keywords that are most efficiently driving business to your site.

Ad Copy Creation

AD Copy writting

We then use that keyword research to write copy that is both strategic and relevant. Our team writes the highest-performing copy for your paid search ads through an in-depth understanding of your business locations and advertising services like Google AdWords.

Geographic Targeting

One of the defining features of our PPC management services is the ability to accurately target potential customers in specific locations. Geographic targeting allows us to serve your ads to consumers in their local markets, where they are more likely to make a purchase. We target your most relevant audiences, motivating customers in your area while eliminating wasted spend.

geo targeting


Through geotargeting, the reach of your ads is narrowed in order to target customers who are within a specific radius of your business locations. This strategy allows you to reach your most relevant audience while ensuring your budget is spent efficiently.


Market Activation

Analyzing historic data and trends, our team creates segments based on varying performance of specific regions, allowing us to optimize bids, budget, and campaign settings.

Campaign Optimization

Paid Search campaigns present myriad opportunities for our team to monitor, analyze, and capitalize on our access to real-time data and search engine marketing expertise. Combining our wealth of experience with the texort platform allows us to make the adjustments needed to maximize impact on your bottom line.


Ongoing Optimization

Every Paid Search campaign requires a nuanced understanding of the major advertising channels, including Google AdWords and Bing Ads. Whether it’s discovering new keyword themes, optimizing bids, or testing ad copy, our dedicated team of PPC specialists is constantly fine-tuning your campaigns to get the most from your budget.



we analyze performance for your brand & franchise locations, measure conversion goals, and record and monitor calls from potential customers on a location-by-location basis.

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