Texort Partnership Agreement with PingPong

PingPong, an international e-commerce payment solution and cross-border payment platform that supports the growth of millions of digital companies across the world, has partnered with Texort for Promotional Marketing Collaborating to allow Bangladeshi vendors to get transactions on PingPong.

PingPong has teamed up with Texort as part of its mission to launch and promote Pingpong on the ground in Bangladesh and educate entrepreneurs, e-commerce merchants, freelancers, and cross-border sellers about its mark, removing the complexities of payments in Bangladesh and creating a more streamlined payment experience for them. With the support of Texort and PingPong, Bangladeshi marketers and vendors will benefit from a sign-up incentive, faster customer service, better flexibility, and increased business.

Mr. S M Belal Uddin, CEO of Texort, and Mr. Mukesh Kumar Sahu, Country Manager, PingPong, signed the (MoU) memorandum of understanding on Saturday, December 25, 2021 at the “Digital Entrepreneur Summit 2021” organized by UDDOKTA HOI at Bangladesh Bishwo Shahitto Kendro. Under this agreement, Texort would be responsible for operating as local promotion partner of PingPong and they would together collaborate and effectively execute their commitments and responsibilities.

PingPong Payments is a multi-dimensional growth partner for international eCommerce to more than 750,000 online sellers worldwide. Founded in 2015, this Unicorn company has processed more than 90 billion USD in cross-border payments for eCommerce merchants to date – and transfers more than 150 million USD per day.

Global merchants trust PingPongto help them save on cross-border payments, VAT, supplier payments, and more. With a free account, sellers can immediately reduce costs associated with receiving and making international payments, manage marketplace profits and beat the rates traditional banks offer when converting funds. All of these features come housed under a single platform that organically increases operational efficiencies and saves time, allowing sellers to manage business profits from a central source.

PingPong works with reputable brands such as Citibank, J.P. Morgan and Wells Fargo that have obtained licenses to operate efficiently and are subject to regulatory and supervisory frameworks across the U.S., Europe and Asia.

Forward-Looking Statements

  • Texort will Introduce / Launch PingPong on the ground of Bangladesh.
  • Texort will take responsibility of promotional marketing activities of Pingpong in Bangladesh
  • Texort will promote Pingpong services to its potential consumers
  • Texort will develop a creative image to represent Pingpong
  • Texort will guide and educate customers to create account on PingPong
  • Texort will provide Promotional / Affiliate codes to consumers for the PingPong account sign up
  • Texort will be involved in necessary marketing campaigns (If needed).

Texort is honored to become a promotional partner of PingPong. Pingpong’s objective of building a simplified, rapid payment platform in Bangladesh that facilitates cross-border trade is one that we support wholeheartedly.

It is our mission as a digital marketing agency to work with marketers & sellers on every platform & promote them. We are excited & promised to collaborate effectively with Pingpong in order to create the greatest possible experience for merchants across Bangladesh.



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