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    who we are

  • We are a digital marketing agency that helps brands connect, converse, collaborate and co-create with its target customers. We do this with the intelligent use of digital, social, search and mobile platforms.
  • We are a full service digital agency that delivers across the value chain right from launching a brand via digital to building a brands salience via digital to driving business leads and sales for a brand.
  • Our focus is to bell the CAT which stands for Creativity, Analytics and Technology and we leverage this to deliver across digital campaigns be it media driven or creative led campaigns.

   our FOCUS

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​Creativity is at the core of our approach to digital, social and mobile campaigns.We don’t just engrain creativity in design and technology thinking and execution but also embed it in the way we go about designing an entire campaign. To us creativity is not an option for digital campaign but the way of doing digital communication


You are what you measure. Nothing could be as profound as this statement. We believe that while digital offers memorability in every aspect its potential to deliver insights still remains untapped. This is because most people look for data and not analytics to drive insights. We leverage in-house analytics to drive and deliver results. 

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Technology can be an enabler but technology can in itself be an innovation as well. Technology can be cool but when it comes to digital advertising its equally important on how technology is applied. We have leveraged the power of augmented reality, Social API, RFID and many such technologies for several of our campaigns.

why texort


CONTINUOUS TESTING is integral to our strategy. Because the digital space is constantly evolving, Perfect Search believes that constant testing is the most valuable precursor to success.

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TRACKING IS INSTRUMENTAL in every one of our optimization strategies. We're dedicated to analyzing which optimization or action led to a specific gain and demonstrating these gains in our customized reporting.


UNLIKE OTHER AGENCIES, Texort  believes that transparent client communication is key to success. Our account managers always ensure that clients are up-to-date on account metrics, upcoming strategies, and the latest industry trends.


texort PLACES a strong importance on recruiting the top talent. Our passionate team and tight-knit company culture distinguish us from other digital marketing agencies.


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