About Texort

Who We Are?

Texort, a venture studio where ideas hatch and dreams are born. If you know what to build, let us help you build it. We think of your business as our own and nurture it until we restore the investment. We believe in result driven campaigns. Our team of experts offer marketing research, creative marketing campaigns, business consulting, business analytics and branding support across the globe. We reach your brand to the right consumer by targeting the right audience.


Creative Perspective

We believe only creativity can make us stand out from the crowd. We take a moment to understand your mission, vision and goal to make it our own project and build a creative design to get the result we aim for. Our creativity is not limited to designs only, but in our thinking and execution as well.

Result Focused Innovation

We believe in results. Our ultimate goal is to achieve the result we aim for and to achieve that result we create our campaign accordingly. The determination and dedication of our team is what we believe in to thrive for the best result.

Data Driven Strategy

Since we consider your business as our own, we strive to achieve the goal you dream of. Our every strategy, tactics and movement is date driven. We record a customer’s journey on the digital platforms to find out their needs in order to take the necessary steps according to the data.


We understand you

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand the integrity of your brand, vision and goal. That is why we think of your business as our own and help you to maximize your success by building the clientele you desire.

We lift you up

We have the kind of expertises to take your business to the next level with our deeper insight and foresight, which will reach your business to a new heights.

We believe in results

We believe in results and to achieve that we take every necessary step and nurture it with great care, until we accomplish our goal.

We look after you

We are a team of young, talented and dedicated people, who bring a fresh perspective to your business and keep the integrity of your business intact. We look after your business as our own.


Award & Certification

basis award

In recent years, a large number of talented entrepreneurs and individuals are contributing to the society and country by creating employment and a source of earning foreign currency.

BASIS Outsourcing Award 2020 is an award to honour the hard work and excellent performances of the organisations and individuals in the field of outsourcing of software and ITES services.

BASIS believes that this award will encourage the existing entrepreneurs and professionals for excelling in the field of outsourcing as well as inspire more people to join the ICT industry.

Chakri KhujboNa Chakri Debo – Entrepreneur Award – 2020 was organized by BDOSN and the “Innovation and Entrepreneurship” Dept. of Daffodil International University.

On the basis of the activities of 2020, out of more than 250 nominations, a total of 16 entrepreneurs have been honored. The Crest of Best Entrepreneurship Award as a diligent entrepreneur was handed to MR. S M Belal Uddin, CEO of TEXORT. His dream organization, TEXORT, has been honored as the best organization for its dedication and powerful initiatives.

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