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Festival tour

Festival tours through Bangladesh may give you a once-in-a-lifetime joyful experience that leaves you with not just lifelong memories of color, music, dancing. Bangladesh is closely involved in colorful festivities. It is well worth rounding up your tour in Bangladesh during Religious Festive (Eid, Christmas, Puja), Agricultural Festive (first day of Kartik, Nabanna, Pausparvan, Gasbi), Folk Festival (Bijhu, Alpana, Ambubachi, Berabhasan, Byanbiye) and Cultural Festive  (Sagrai, Pahela Baishakh, Pohela Falgun, Nouka Baich, Shakrain, Boimela). offers you amazing tour opportunities to stroll through Bangladeshi festivals and let yourself be charmed by Bangladesh’s unique folk cultures.




Bangladesh is filled with an expansive landscape, amazing wildlife, and a rich cultural heritage to enjoy the thrilling experience of backpacking, safari, camping, Skydiving, birdwatching, hiking, rafting, scuba, and mountaineering. Magical Sundarban mangrove forest, unbroken emerald colored sea beach, majestic beasts of the green hills or the sparkling floating markets are the best places for sailing. is here to find Adventure Junkies, the original Bangladesh and guide for wonderful time traversing mountain ranges some of the best natural beauties of Bangladesh.


Dhaka is enriched with Historical destinations. Tour Leaders of is here to advise you the most popular attractions of Dhaka city related- Panam City Tour- The golden lost city of Mughol Empire, Sadarghat-the busy waterfront of Dhaka, Ahsan Manzil-the Luxurious residence of British Jamidar ruler, Lalbagh Fort- 17th century Mughol fort,  Buriganga River-The heart of Dhaka, Project Hater jeel- Vibrant waterbridge of Dhaka. Project  Fish Shaped Architectural Restaurant on riverside, Armenian Church-oasis of tranquility, Bait-Uf Rough Mosque- Sultanate Architectural mosque, University of Dhaka- British Colonial Architecture in Bengal, and many more. You can also get the best food tour guideline on Old citie;s mouth watering street foods and restaurant cuisine from us.


Bangladesh’s genuine beauty rests with its happy indigenous people, traditional cultural ethics, historic spots, traditional food and exciting tourism sites. Blogs are your greatest travel mate share authentic travel stories for you and comprehensive backpacking guide to Bangladesh that includes the most up-to-date adventures places, food review and the most spectacular transformational, mindful, and sustainable travel experiences all around Bangladesh.

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