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UDDOKTA HOI is a platform that helps people to entrepreneur. Also help entrepreneurs grow, more their industries. In uddokta hoi people can network, within of top entrepreneurs at different industries. They can join different projects and grow together.

“Learning experience from uddokta hoi”

I learned a lots of marketing strategy and One design away challenge is one of the best course I have ever seen. It is really helpful for all of us. Many many thanks for making such a beautiful Project for us. I have learned A-Z of POD from this course and i started my journey from here.
Shah Iqbal Hossain Munsur

Featured Project

Print on demand

Print on Demand is a business model where the customer’s product is created on demand and delivered to the customer. There are two levels of print on demand. One is Cellar and the other is Fulfillment Partner. 300+ products can be sold on the print on demand platform.

Moreover, you can work in the global market and local market on this platform.




GearLaunch has the services available to immediately improve your business. Our features make it easier for anyone to start selling and growing a business online. GearLaunch offers the largest catalog of Print on Demand (PoD) products, dependable fulfillment, industry-leading customer service for your customers and more. Selling Print on Demand products with GearLaunch means you can start your new business.



Stylopeak is a Bangladesh based print-on-demand platform that is geared towards the local market and the local sellers. Our goal is to unify our creative customers under one platform and make products available to everyone most proficiently.

one design away challenge

One Design away Challenge is the complete POD Solution with Print On Demand Expert S M Belal. It is 10 days live POD Challenge . Its help you to learn POD Business model, Designing Solution, profitable ad for POD business and Marketing techniques that works.

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